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There seems to be questions on a regular basis about my domain, Sorry, but it is not for sale.

I’ve had it since 1995, and created it for my small consulting company called White Rabbit Software. Unfortunately, White Rabbit is no longer around. Still, there was some interest in the domain when the PS2 version of the Matrix computer game was released back around 2000. It was a hacking game and many people thought my domain was part of the puzzle. Though many gamers thought otherwise, such was not the case.

Since then, I’ve been contacted by all sorts of people. The Lewis Carroll Foundation, magicians, Rock Bands, and various corporations. All wanting to use the White Rabbit name in one form or another. I suppose every man has his price. But frankly, I wouldn’t sell White Rabbit unless the number was in the 6 digit range. Crazy? Well okay, because I really am not interested in getting any offers.

Back to other things, like work, and life.


This is a simple place for me and my family to share events about our life. It will be updated from time to time. I hope you enjoy it.