Freedom Club – Speculative Fiction Novel

Freedom Club - SF by Saul GarnellFreedom Club is a speculative fiction novel by me, Saul Garnell.  Release by Hotspur Publishing, the central story takes place in the future, but it is more than just a science fiction novel. Its goal is to both entertain and edify the reader, and it contains a great deal of philosophy about the nature of technology and its effect upon man.

Check out my Freedom Club blog dedicated to the book with more information and a readers’ guide.

If you like books with deep philosophical underpinnings such as; Stand On ZanzibarSofie’s WorldThe Space MerchantsZen and Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceAtlas Shrugged, then you will probably want to read this book.

Painting With Watercolors

Joe Cartwright - White Iris

Over the past month or so, I’ve taken up watercolor painting. My teacher is Joe Cartwright, a fantastic artist who’s the husband of my good friend, Sue.

Joe is an Australian watercolour artist, and has been painting and teaching watercolor for over 12 years. Because I also paint (acrylic and oil), we soon became friends. Because of our mutual love for art, I began taking a class that he gives over in Penrith. A large town test of Sydney.

Because Joe is now retired from the dreaded -day job-,  he devotes himself entirely to art and teaching full-time . He also has an awesome website that I urge everyone to visit. You can find it at .

I will also make a new blog page to demonstrate my progress with Joe. Don’t get too excited.  Up front, I will admit that watercolors are indeed difficult, even for an experienced artist. Unlike acrylic and oil, mistakes are not tolerated. So for your viewing pleasure, I will insert a few of Joe’s paintings here. Just don’t expect my work to measure up for let’s say, for the next ten years or so.


Church Street Melbourne

Joe Cartwright - Pink Magnolias

Pink Magnolias Sand Dunes at Fingal Bay